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Shooting a ‘qualification course’ or ‘competing’ in an organized match is not equivalent to training. Sanctioned, recognized competition validates the skill sets one has acquired through rigorous ongoing training under the pressure of a timer, scrutiny by fellow competitors, and against a national standard of classification. Skill sets include draw speed, first hit accuracy, multiple rounds fired while moving to cover or away from an adversary - all while processing numerous sensory inputs, making threat assessments and delivering appropriate rounds onto a target. One’s firearms safety, marksmanship, weapon craft or skill at arms, and the ability to function under time-compressed stress relate directly to Real World encounters. I enjoy competitive shooting not only for sport, but also for the social component. You will never meet a more supportive, encouraging, decent group of people than “shooters.”

I have been a competitive combat pistol shooter since 1984, shooting both PPC and IPSC. Since that time I have devoted countless hours to practice, attending matches and reloading ammunition. By 1992 I was shooting exclusively IPSC matches in Ontario, Colorado and New York State. In 1995 I moved with my family to Colorado, where I have been active shooting IPSC throughout the state. I venture yearly to New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, and Oklahoma to attend the larger regional and national matches. Every weekend finds me somewhere within a day’s driving distance of Denver competing in a match. I am never content with my performances and am always trying to learn from other shooters how to get better at this sport. That is why teaching firearms is so beneficial to me. I seem to do better personally the more I teach others how to shoot.