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Courses and Rates

Hourly Rates for General Instruction
Minimum 2 hours
1 person $50.00/hr
2 people $75.00/hr (that’s $37.50 per person per hour)
3 or more $100.00/hr (that’s $33.00 per person per hour...or less, if there are more people)

Weapon Familiarization and Selection
Some people are unsure whether a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) is for them or is a responsibility they want to assume. They might want to shoot a handgun and become familiar with its operation before they buy a gun or commit time and money to further training. I offer this experience on a range with live fire and hands-on instruction. I can provide ammunition at additional cost, which will be the actual cost if you were to purchase it yourself. Let me expose you to different types and calibers of firearms for home defense, traveling “insurance” for vacationers, back packers, hunters or snowbirds, or ultimately for personal carry. You might make the decision to acquire a CWP based on this experience at the range.

Weapons in the Home
If you are content to simply keep a loaded and accessible firearm in your residence let me teach you how to safely store, load, and unload this weapon without endangering you, your family, visitors or your neighbors.

Concealed Weapons Course and Certification
My CWP Course is eight hours in duration. Strictly following the content of the NRA Basic Pistol Course, I will provide you the necessary classroom instruction coupled with significant live fire and hands on training with the firearm of your choice - all with an overriding emphasis on SAFETY. I will not sign my name to your certification unless you pass a required written test and successfully shoot a qualification course of fire at the range. With my certification you can fulfill the education requirement that the State of Colorado has set for the issuance of a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

A private class, which will emphasize direct one on one training and personal attention, is $250.00. Couples may take the training together at a cost of $400.00 (that’s $200.00 each).

I can teach a class of three or more students for a cost of $150 per person. I can accommodate you on weekdays and weekends.

Advanced Firearms Training for Law Enforcement, Military, & Civilians
I also train police, private security and military personnel. If you struggle with qualifications and need ongoing training to improve your confidence in weapon craft and marksmanship I can assist you. Skill at arms is taught at your pace and meets your learning style. Obtain the self assurance you need to meet the threats that come with your occupation. Rates are negotiable (I know cops & soldiers aren’t rolling in money…) as are the number of students I can safely monitor at a time ensuring individual attention to your unique situation.

If you are a civilian, already have your CWP-CCW, and wish to get further instruction at the range with live fire, I have the target systems and props necessary to take you to a higher level of proficiency and improve your skill sets and abilities. I will focus on drawing from concealment or from an exposed holster, engaging targets from various distances and multiple shooting positions, with an emphasis on cover utilization, shooting and moving, reloading techniques and malfunction clearances.

Call for rates and acceptable group sizes.