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I recently retired from a career in law enforcement that exceeded 28 years. During that time I worked assignments including uniform, plainclothes, investigations, training and as a supervisor. I count as the pinnacle of my career the five and a half years I spent as a member of the Emergency Task Force (ETF) in Toronto. The ETF was our departmentís full-time SWAT team and I was on Team 6. I was trained on a number of weapons systems to include pistols (Glocks), submachine guns (Uzis & MP5ís), shotguns (pumps and semi-autos) rifles (AR15ís & Mini 14ís) and bolt action rifles (Remington & Winchester .308ís) We even had at our disposal .458 rifles to put down wayward cattle that had escaped from the stockyards!

MTPF Sgt 523 - 1993 Civil Unrest - 1983 Plaincloths detail - 1985

ETF Team 6 - 1988 Hostage Rescue Training - 1991

Rappeling - 1992
Counter-sniper training - 1988

Gun Call - 1990 "Goof on the roof" - 1988
Full dress uniform - 1993 Lakewood Agent - 1998 Democratic Nat'l Convention - 2008