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Instruction for the Real World
I am RW Swainson, a retired police officer with over 28 years experience both in Canada and the US. I worked for Metro Toronto Police in Canada and Lakewood PD in Colorado. My career provided insight into the effect of firearms laws and what accessibility to sound training has in these two countries. In Canada you cannot legally keep a loaded firearm in your home, and a concealed weapons permit there is very difficult to come by. In the USA, however, your right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

I sincerely believe that the individual gun owner bears a significant responsibility to obtain appropriate training in the safe handling and storage of the firearm, a solid understanding of how the firearm works (weapon craft), sound knowledge and displayed proficiency in the fundamentals of marksmanship, and a tactical appreciation of how to use a gun to deter or thwart an assailant or intruder. Skill with a firearm is perishable. Training must be recent, relevant and realistic. In a life-threatening confrontation, when avoidance or flight is not an option, the legally armed individual will not magically elevate himself/herself to some undiscovered height of proficiency. Rather, the armed citizen will perform while under stress at a level of competence commensurate with successful training, which is frequently, consistently and recently practiced.

Finally, it is the responsibility of the individual gun owner to be cognizant of their obligations and the legal aftermath of using deadly force to overcome the violent will of an adversary who threatens them, or their loved ones, with serious bodily injury or death.

What RW Firearms Training offers is training for the Real World. I direct my training to people from various walks of life, with various levels of comfort and proficiency with a firearm. For the curious person who has never held or fired a gun, I provide this experience in a controlled, safe and non-judgmental environment. I provide orientation to handguns and/or shoulder-fired weapons as desired. If someone wants to pursue proficiency with a handgun for self defense and protection in the home, I tailor my instruction to include weapon selection and safety considerations within the enclosed structure of a dwelling, with consideration to its construction materials and design. Gun-handling, safe firearm storage and basic marksmanship fundamentals are emphasized in these classes, which include limitless range time. I will take you as far as you want to go!